Go Exploring
We have 80 acres for you and your whole family!
Enjoy the many ponds!
We have canoeing and paddle boats!
Plenty of wildlife!
Lizards and more! Come check it out!

Copper Basin Bible Camp has a whole host of amenities you can utilize.


Three Cabins with restrooms and they sleep 12 comfortably and 18 uncomfortably (each).

Two Cabins that have no bathrooms, but they sleep 20 comfortably and 30 uncomfortably (each).

In all there are 5 Cabins that can sleep 76 comfortably and 96 uncomfortably (I doubt the fire marshal would allow that anyway).

Plus, history

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Firepit, Camping, and Trails

The firepit was an Eagle Scout project from Alex Oihus.

Areas to camp in…

The Prescott Point Trail is lined with benches all the way to the top. These benches were an Eagle Scout project from Luke Heslep.

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On the other side of the Zipline and up the hill you’ll find a platform used for our Archery Range.

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The Zipline is over 100 feet long going over a pond with a landing pad by the new boat house.

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