Boat House

The new Boat house, right on the pond, will be finished soon. Pictures forthcoming.

Bath Houses

Two bath houses. One at the bottom of the hill by the Hague and the other up on the hill above cabin #4.


Three Cabins with restrooms and they sleep 12 comfortably and 18 uncomfortably (each).

Two Cabins that have no bathrooms, but they sleep 20 comfortably and 30 uncomfortably (each).

In all there are 5 Cabins that can sleep 76 comfortably and 96 uncomfortably (I doubt the fire marshal would allow that anyway).

Plus, history

The Hague

Description of the Hague and all its amenities will be placed here soon!

Plus, history

The Lodge

Description of the Lodge and all its amenities will be placed here soon!

Explore Camp

Go ExploringWe have 80 acres for you and your whole family!Enjoy the many ponds!We have canoeing and paddle boats! Plenty of wildlife!Lizards and more! Come check it out! Previous Next Copper Basin Bible Camp has a whole host of amenities you can utilize.

Full Week

Full Week of Camp We have FOUR weeks of FULL camp. From Sunday afternoon to Friday afternoon. High School Jr. High 4th to 6th Grade Combo *Cub Camp is not a full week. You can learn more about this camp here. Each camp is directed by a member of the churches of Christ as are …

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Cub Camp

Cub Camp Cub Camp is a mini camp designed for children who are entering 1st through 3rd grade. The sessions runs from Wednesday afternoon until Friday afternoon. The camp is made to introduce the camp experience to younger campers without the anxiety of being away from home too long. A parent or legal guardian must accompany each Cub …

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